Sand Pump Bailer

MJM Sand Bailer – Ball Type provides an effective and efficient method of recovering loose sand and debris from within the well bore. Sand Bailer incorporates a piston within a cylinder which when stroked upwards, draws the debris into the cylinder chamber. A check valve device prevents the debris from dropping out of the cylinder during recovery back to surface.

For recovery of loose sand and debris from within the well bore.

  • Optional bailer bottom shoes to suit customer requirements.
  • Drive down bailer conversion kits available.
  • Extension tubes available for increased capacity.
  • Flapper type check valve assemblies available upon request.
  • Connection option to suit customer requirements.
  • Simple, robust design ensuring easily operable for the end user.
Actual OD Cylinder Volume Bailer Stroke
1.250” Optional Optional
1.500” Optional Optional
1.875” Optional Optional
2.375” Optional Optional
2.875” Optional Optional
3.000” Optional Optional
3.500” Optional Optional


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